Miami Pineapple Passion
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Miami Pineapple Passion

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It's a Fusion of Pineapple and Citrus. "Ya wanna lick it, but please don't!"

A smooth blend of Pineapple Citrus and other essential oils will magnify your senses with the luscious scents..  Enjoy the engaging quality ingredients!

(The Nose: It's a Miami Pineapple all over the place! A luscious smooth scent, and a small hint of citrus.  This will have you in love!! EVERYONE prefers this scent.  Remember, "Fan Favorite".

Waiting to ravish and lather your skin! Great for dry and sensitive skin types. Catch it while you can! 

Let the added Natural Cucumber base provide skin hydration during your cleansing and Magnify your senses with the additional luscious, crisp scents.  We truly hope you enjoy the engaging quality ingredients!

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor oil, Sweet Almon Oil, Shea Butter and mica, and infused with fragrance oils.  

Each Bar is approximately: 6 oz